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Perks For Our Employees

Working with KDS offers flexibility
and spectacular benefits.

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Our Perks

We Strive To
Offer Our Employees
Amazing Services
And Benefits.

Team members are paid as W2 employees, in accordance with federal and state law, allowing them to keep more of their take-home pay.  We also protect our employee’s professional license.

KDS is owned by professionals, including dentists, which assists in protecting the license of all our employees.

Employees working 32 or more hours per week are eligible to participate in a comprehensive benefits package, including

• health insurance (medical, dental, vision)

• 401(k) with matching contribution

• paid time off (PTO), holiday pay, and more

Employees who relocate can use KDS services all across the United States.

Temping with KDS brings all the perks of a traditional job, including our robust benefits package but with the added flexibility of temping!

We encourage our employees to provide feedback on offices so they may return to offices that are a wonderful fit. Our employees have the ability to work with a variety of patients, procedures, and technology.

We help mitigate any ethical or jurisprudence issues encountered at a client location, making our dental professional feel protected and confident throughout their working day.

We can keep our employees as busy as 5-6 days per week or 1 day per month. We work around our employees’ preferred schedule, geography, skills, and pace.

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What Our Employees Have To Say

“This is the only dental staffing company I recommend!” – Sarah M.