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Our History

We have been serving our employees and clients
since 1979.

KAD Dental Staffing got its origin in 1979 as Dental Auxiliary Service. Founded by Nitia Morris, KDS (DAS) carved its place in the dental industry by matching dental professionals with valued dentists and dental offices to create the quality teams needed for successful operations. In 2018, KAD Dental and Dental Auxiliary Service combined to form an industry leader in Professional Dental Staffing. We are now one of the most technologically advanced service providers for dental health care professionals.

Our Mission

The mission of KDS is to fully serve dental practices and professionals of all types. Whether you are privately- or corporately- owned, a new graduate, or a tenured dental professional, we are here as your go-to “one-stop shop.” Our goal is to provide a seamless connection between dental practices and dental professionals thus allowing the best clinicians to provide the best dental care possible.

Dental Staffing Specialists | HR Solutions Specialists | Unsurpassed in Professionalism Since 1979


Work With the Best!

What People Have to Say

“The staff is amazing to work with and they always have a positive attitude. They made the entire experience of temping and looking for a full-time position easy. What a refreshing experience.”
– Meredith R.

Our Locations

Serving the Entire US From Our Headquarters