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KDS Dentist


Our sister company, KDS Dentist was born from our desire to offer the very best to our clients.
We serve to employ and place qualified and specialized dentists.

Our Process

  • Engage With Us: Simply call, text, or complete our online form.
  • Your Application: One of our team members will email you to begin your KDS journey.
  • Your Interview: Conducted via remote/video conference. The process has never been easier and will illuminate your KDS roadmap.
  • Your Journey Begins: Our onboarding team will work with you to finalize your KDS profile and create a roadmap for your future.

What Our Dentists Have to Say

“Working with KAD/KDS has been a joy. The professionalism and keen sense of my needs were identified and custom-tailored to a rewarding career path where the opportunities are limitless!” – Dr. Choi

Our Locations

Serving the Entire US From Our Headquarters